How to use the GoFish Cam App

With the GoFish Cam and the downloadable GoFish Cam app you cam share the underwater fishing experience with your friends and family.  The strike, the fight, it's all right there. Anglers can easily review, edit, and quickly share footage every time they reel in.

Check out the video below for a thorough explanation of the GoFish Cam app.

How to use the GoFish Cam mobile app when fishing:


Live stream using the GoFish Cam float accessory

It is possible to live stream the view form your GoFish Cam however only when using the supplied float accessory.  Essentially you can stream up to roughly 50 ft away if the back of the GoFish Cam is above water, the float accessory is made just for this.  Great option if you have a floater out or just want a live view of the area your fishing.

Downloading and settting up the GoFish Cam app

If you're familiar with downloading apps and connecting to networks this should be a breeze.  Don't fear if your not technically savy, Brandon Austin the CEO & Co-founder of GoFish Cam has created a how to guide for both the iOS and Android apps just for you.

The Go Fish Cam underwater fishing camera is a great tool for all types of fishing, make the most of your hard earned days fishing.

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