How to tidy up your tackle box

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We’ve all been there, anxiously preparing for that fishing trip with high expectations, checking your gear then suddenly wondering how on earth you’re going to tidy up that tackle box?

Common sight in tackle boxes

One common sight found in tackle boxes, bags or even the side pockets of boats is the unused rig, trace or the dreaded sabiki rig with all those little hooks.

They can certainly be a pain to store and sometimes it’s simply all too hard, next thing the rig that’s just not working in the current situation simply gets thrown away or tucked away somewhere only to inevitably end up tangled or hooked on something.

Apart from being a waste of time and money the problem with throwing away that rig is chances are it’s exactly what you need at a later date, if not later that day.


One solution to tidy up your tackle box

There is one solution to help tidy up your tackle box in the form of Rig Rappers from INOVA. Rig Rappers are foam disc shaped winders that are 60 x 15mm in size and used for storing fishing traces, they are especially handy for storing and reducing tangles on multi-hook rigs.

Rig Rappers come in various colours and are sold in a pack of 10 or as a Rig Rapper Box set which includes 24 Rig Rappers (foam winders) in a purpose made storage box which.

Included with each Rig Rapper are a label and a pin to secure the rig and mark what each rig is if desired.

Best of all INOVA Rig Rappers are suitable for almost any fishing situation.

Five benefits of INOVA Rig Rappers

1. Have rigs at the ready for immediate use
2. Helps tidy the tackle box
3. Saves money
4. Saves time
5. Less wastage

 How to tify up your tackle box with Inova Rig Rappers


Save time with quick rig changes

Prepare your rigs before heading out and have a suitable fishing rig at the ready for any given situation. If you want to really be at the ready use an INOVA Rhino Clip, INOVA Rapid Link or Rapid Link Swivels on similar on your mainline, when combined with a swivel or similar on your rigs your rig changes can be made in seconds.

Just imagine you’re out fishing and suddenly the need arises to change up your game, you hit the tackle box find the perfect rig you prepared earlier, unclip the current rig and wind it onto a Rig Rapper, unwind the new rig clip it on and suddenly your back fishing.

You never know you may even catch more fish!

Check out the INOVA range of terminal tackle and fishing accessories now, have comments, feedback or questions feel free to fire away below.

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