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Lubricant and Penetrant Spray - PRO EPT

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PRO EPT spray is an anti-corrision, anti-wear, anti-moisture, residual lubrication, spray lubricant manufactured using the latest enhanched polymer technoology (E.P.T) with P.T.F.E.

PRO EPT has been tested and proven by Shane and the team at Wholesale Marine Direct as the perfect lubricant spray after washing down with Salt-Away. PRO E.P.T will lubricate and protect your fishing rods and reels, completely safe on all mono-filament and braid lines.

Spray on all engine components and lubrication points i.e. throttle linkages, steering cables, electronic switches and wiring. Will not harm engine decal. Keeps your engine looking like new, inside and out. Kills salt corrosion.

Suggest Applications:

Marine and water sports equipment, cars, trucks, motor cycles, bicycles, guns and rifles, military equipment, remote control hobby equipment, mechanical equipment repair, precision equipment, controls, safes, tumblers and locks