Snapper Tackle Flasher Rig with Luminous Tubing

Snapper Tackle Flasher Rig with Luminous Tubing

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The Snapper Tackle Flasher Rigs with Luminous Tubing are ideal for catching Blue Cod or Winter fishing when school sharks may be caught.

High quality build, 80 pound trace, 2x chemically sharpened recurve hooks.  Lumo tube may vary between Pink or Green.

Heavy gauge hooks makes these rigs suitable for landing big Snapper!

Premium quality anti-rust hook coating and soft lumo beads, ideal for finicky fish.

Designed in New Zealand exclusively for New Zealand fish!

Ideal flasher rig for Snapper, Blue Cod, Kahawai, Tarakihi, Gurnard, Trevally and many other species!

The more Snapper Tackle flasher rigs you buy from LURE ME the more you save.

One of the fantastic products available from SnapperTackle.