How to tie an improved clinch knot with Hook-Eze

Tying fishing knots is easy with Hook-Eze

Hook-Eze makes tying even the most complicated fishing knots easy. This fishing knot-tying tool safely also holds your hook while tying to your line eliminating painful injuries.

  1. To begin, slide the ring over your ring finger or attach to a belt loop
  2. Open the Hook-Eze lid and place the hook inside.  Close the lid.  Thread the line through the eye of the hook
  3. Spin Hook-Eze handle 3-6 full turns
  4. Pass the end of the line through the loop above the hook
  5. Then back out through the top loop and moisten the line
  6. Pull the knot tight; slowly and safely
  7. Use the line cutter to trim excess line

The Hook-Eze Multi-Function fishing tool is available in two great sizes and various colours.

 How to tie an improved clinch knot with Hook-Eze

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