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Myself and a few friends have been dealing with lure me for a while now the company has been nothing but professional and informative, great company to deal with, highly recommended, and with all the boat and surf rods and reels they have available its fantastic.

Johnny Anderson

Great to see some new rods in the NZ market. The Akios range are superb & oh how good it is to see alternatives to the Kilwell 222.
Been having a thrash of the AirSpeed & AirTorque rods over the past week & all I can say is AWESOME! 
The Conti style rods take a little getting used to but when it ‘clicks’, you wonder why it has taken so long for this gear to reach NZ. I love my AFAW rods & have had a couple of 222s, both overhead & spin versions. I’ll continue with the AFAW, but the 222 pales into significance in comparison to the big Akios rods- bring on the AirPower Lure Me

Nic Clegg

Super great customer service! i was taken care of really well with super quick and helpful responses, would highly recommend for anyone that is into fishing or looking at getting some gear for someone as a gift at a great price!

Alex Mohring

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Alert Level 4 These are certainly unusual times and as you know (perhaps other than some of our international customers) New Zealand is cu...
How to tidy up your tackle box

How to tidy up your tackle box

There is one solution to help tidy up your tackle box in the form of Rig Rappers from INOVA. Rig Rappers are foam disc shaped winders that are 60 x 15mm in size and used for storing fishing traces, they are especially handy for storing and reducing tangles on multi-hook rigs.
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Anyfish Anywhere Rods Now Available in NZ

That's right Anyfish Anywhere rods affectionately known as AFAW rods by many in the New Zealand surfcasting fraternity are now available from LURE ME - Online Fishing Tackle.