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  • Circle Hooks Made in USA from Trokar
  • Trokar Hooks TK3 Lancet Circle
  • Offset Circle Hooks from Trokar Made in the USA
  • Cauth using 4-0 Offset Lancet Trokar Hook
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Trokar TK3 Lancet Offset Circle Hooks

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$14.95 NZD

Trokar Eagle Claw fishing hooks are known for producing the sharpest fishing hooks on the planet, they also have a comprehensive line of hooks that will pierce and penetrate the toughest of mouths that cruise the world's oceans.

With its symmetrically engineered three-sided point, superior quality wire and heat-treatment, and complete with welded eyes on select styles, there isn't an array of hooks available that compete with Trokar.

The full saltwater line-up starts with the Trokar TK3, a light-to-mid wire OFFSET circle hook with a wide gap and welded eye in the larger sizes, to prevent line chafing.

This hook style is also available in the non-offset IGFA approved TK4 version, for tournament fishing where offset hooks are banned.

The Lancet Circle is ideal for a myriad of species, techniques and fisheries.

Available sizes:

  • 1/0 14 x hooks per pack
  • 2/0 13 x hooks per pack
  • 3/0 12 x hooks per pack
  • 4/0 12 x hooks per pack
  • 5/0 11 x hooks per pack
  • 6/0 9 x hooks per pack
  • 7/0 8 x hooks per pack
  • 8/0 7 x hooks per pack
  • 9/0 7 x hooks per pack

Trokar Hooks are made in the U.S.A.

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