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Awesome Quilty and ready to rig

INOVA SLIK XS Monofilament Line
Richie W. (Otaki, NZ)
INOVA SLIK XS Monofilament

Good mono at a fair price.

Kilwell bait feeder combo.

Excellent set up,love the reel,quick retrieve,solid drag and perfect balance.

Casting Trigger Casting Aid
noel m. (Hamilton, NZ)

Great buy took a bit of getting use to but saves soreness on my finger!!

Casting Trigger Casting Aid
Chris M. (Wellington, NZ)
Good quality product

The lures and casting trigger I bought are great for catching fish.

Trokar Hooks Pro-V Octopus
mark B. (Auckland, NZ)
A unique hook

Great as the keeper hook on a strip bait. The unique shape in the hook's bend means the bait will sit straight on the rig,in the "V" of the hook.

Absolutely love it.. keeps my bag tidy not and everything is easier to access.

Trident Tackle Terma Link
Trevor M. (Auckland, NZ)
Best gear on the market

I really like this product and I would buy more when I need it

Excellent hooks

Super sharp hooks. Great holding power quality and are already bring in the snapper.

Happy surfcaster

Found the product none of the shops had.prompt response to order, prompt postage. Excellent communication. A v happy customer who will keep an eye out for further useful fishing gear.

The built-in LED light was weak and would flicker on and off. Emailed Lureme about the problem but was never resolved. After a few uses the part where the battery goes fell out. Rod itself casts well and gets distance, very sensitive tip. Other than that wouldn’t purchase again

Trokar Hooks Pro-V Octopus
Darryl O. (Auckland, NZ)
Trokar hook

There’s a new hooks out there now from wise Angler you need to look into, trokar are good wise Anglers hooks are pretty good very good attraction hooks.

Perfect stocking filler

Couldn’t be more perfect. The utube instructions are brilliant

Gemini Genie Rig Clips 15pk
Justin M. (Auckland, NZ)
Geni Rig Clips

I have used several type sinkers with a genie system on them. They worked great most of the time (little adjustments required on some though).
The rig clips are okay, in the sense that the system allows for good control while rigging up before casting. I frequent a fishing page on facebook that utilizes the Geni Rig Clips (Ham & Tys' Fishing Adventures) & their comments of the Geni Rigs are positive!

Thank you for th great review, much appreciated.

Great bit of kit. Highly recommend. Only have to us half as much as other types and hold baits securely. Great combo with the baiting needles.

Thank you for the kind reviews. Tight lines.

INOVA Baiting Needles
G W. (Auckland, NZ)

Great bit of kit. Keeps mussels etc steady so you don’t have to use as much cotton to tie them on.

Salt Away 3.79 litre Concentrate Refill

Trident Tackle Aero Pulley
Lyn E. (Christchurch, NZ)

Trident Tackle Aero Pulley

Great line to cast


Trokar Hooks Pro-V Octopus
Levi M. (Auckland, NZ)
Trokar Pro V Hooks

Have been using the hooks for a few years now. Really like them and have good results! Recently caught a 7.3kg snapper on 90 mile beach... say no more!

game lure bag

excellent value for money,recomend.

Quite possibly the best offset recurve Hooks ever created

I have used and abused these Hooks and they stay sharp they're super strong and im confident thatbyour hookup ratio will increase by using trokar as mine has .
Smash them with Donnies custom surfcating traces in confidence they have been put to the test .cheers D

Mothers Marine PowerBall