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INOVA Bait Scissors
Bait Cutting Scissors
Inova Bait Assassin Scissors
Inova Bait Assassin Scissor Sheath

INOVA Bait Assassin Scissors

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INOVA Bait Assassin Scissors

Heavy-duty micro-serrated blade scissors for cutting braid, nylon and bait.

The scissors have tough stainless blades which are perfect for a wide range of cutting tasks. The non-slip grips give a secure hold and make the scissors easy to use even with wet hands.

Stainless Steel micro-serrated cutting blades. Grip and hold the braided line for easy non-slip cutting and will cut nylon with ease. The blades can also be used to trim and prepare baits

Non-Slip Grips with ergonomic textured TPR handles for extra comfort and a secure grip.  A durable plastic sheath is supplied to keep the scissors safe. It also features a built-in belt clip

Excellent product for surfcasters, rock and boat fisherman alike.

INOVA Bait Assassin Scissor features

  • Compact heavy-duty scissors
  • Length 14cm
  • Will cut braid or nylon
  • Can also be used to prepare and trim baits
  • 4.5cm Stainless blades
  • Serrated blades with line cutting slot
  • Ergonomic textured TPR handles
  • Non-Slip
  • Supplied in a plastic sheath
  • The sheath features a belt clip