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INOVA Baiting Needles
Inova Bait Needles Twin Pack
Baiting Needles in Action
Inova Baiting Fishing Tool

INOVA Baiting Needles

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The INOVA Baiting Needles tool.

INOVA Baiting Needles come in a twin pack with two variations of needles for different sized baits with Stainless Steel needles.  The ergonimic finger grip handle making it very easy to load baits and present baits in a secure way.

Exellent for use with the Inova Bait Binder allowing you to easily and securely fix bait to your hooks.

Excellent product for surfcasters, rock and boat fisherman alike.

Bait Binder features

  • 2 x Needles per pack
  • 8cm long needles
  • 5mm & 10mm spacing choices
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Ideal for use with Inova Bait Binder