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Tapered Shock Leader - INOVA Taper Tech

INOVA Taper Tech Tapered Shock Leader

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INOVA Taper-Tech tapered shock leaders.

The INOVA Taper Tech leaders are designed and developed to achieve longer casts with extraordinary abrasion resistance.  Shock leaders are perfect for when casting with lighter main lines.

These tapered shock leaders spools come in Clear and is available in 15lb/50lb, 15lb/60lb and 15lb/70lb line weights.  Taper Tech comes in packs of five 15m lengths.

INOVA Taper-Tech Shock Leader Specifications:

  • Butt 15lb / 6.8kg, Tip 50lb / 22.67kg, length 15 metres
  • Butt 15lb / 6.8kg, Tip 60lb / 27.21kg, length 15 metres
  • Butt 15lb / 6.8kg, Tip 70lb / 31.75kg, length 15 metres

Another great fishing product from INOVA.