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INOVA SLIK XS Monofilament Line

INOVA SLIK XS Monofilament Line

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INOVA SLIK XS 1/4lb monofilament nylon fishing line.

INOVA SLIK XS is a premium monofilament that packs a punch with an extraordinary knot and line strength.  SLIK XS's low stretch properties provide enhanced hook sets while being both a soft and supple fishing line with very low memory so it casts like a rocket.  Its UV armour prolongs its high-performance qualities.

This INOVA nylon comes in Grey Steel colour and is available in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb and 40lb weights.


INOVA SLIK XS Specifications:

  • 10lb / 4.53kg, diameter 0.26mm, length 1,750 metres
  • 12lb / 5.44kg, diameter 0.28mm, length 1,500 metres
  • 15lb / 6.8kg, diameter 0.31mm, length 1,036 metres
  • 18lb / 8.16kg, diameter 0.35mm, length 960 metres
  • 20lb / 9.07kg, diameter 0.37mm, length 860 metres
  • 25lb / 11.33kg, diameter 0.41mm, length 700 metres
  • 30lb / 13.6kg, diameter 0.47mm, length 530 metres
  • 40lb / 18.14kg, diameter 0.50mm, length 470 metres

Another great fishing product from INOVA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Richie W. (Otaki, NZ)
INOVA SLIK XS Monofilament

Good mono at a fair price.

Michael S. (Greytown, NZ)
Great line to cast


Andrew (Auckland, NZ)
Good first impressions!

Put INOVA SLIK XS (20lb) on my young son’s straylining rod. It's very slick, hard to describe, like a PFTE coating. I was a little worried that the knots would slip as a result, but doesn't seem to be an issue. In addition to some legal snapper, my boy landed a stingray and an undersize kingfish, both of which gave the line (and him!) a good work out on an older reel with a sticky drag. The stingray also managed to go around the burley pot rope, so abrasion resistance seems decent. Good castability, minimal memory and no tangles. On the basis of one trip, recommended!

Darryl O. (Auckland, NZ)

Haven’t used it yet bought it by mistake, thought it would be ok for leaders.

Pretty SLIK price (I know that was cheesy haha)

Awesome line, thanks guys for all your help with the products and advice.

I would highly recommend Lureme to anyone and will be recommending them to all my mates as well.

Johnny A.
10lb / 4.53kg :ok_hand:

Have been using it for a while and love it , sits well with a shock leader nice tight knots that flow through the guides on a cast and retrieval with ease, seems to great on Shelly beaches or habour fishing with oyster shells, I check it every time before going fishing and on casting every now and then , it seems to hold up against the very abrasive places I fish highly recommend it