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INOVA SLIK XS Monofilamnet Low Strethch Low Memory Fishing Line


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INOVA SLIK XS 1/4lb monofilment fishing line.

INOVA SLIK XS is a premium monofilament that packs a punch with extraordinary knot and line strength.  SLIK XS's low stretch properties provide enhanced hook-sets while being both a soft and supple fishing line with very low memory so it casts like a rocket.  Its UV armour prolongs its high-performance qualities.

Its come in Grey Steel colour and is available in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb and 40lb weights.

INOVA SLIK XS Specifications:

  • 10lb / 4.53kg, diameter 0.26mm, length 1,750 metres
  • 12lb / 5.44kg, diameter 0.28mm, length 1,500 metres
  • 15lb / 6.8kg, diameter 0.31mm, length 1,036 metres
  • 18lb / 8.16kg, diameter 0.35mm, length 960 metres
  • 20lb / 9.07kg, diameter 0.37mm, length 860 metres
  • 25lb / 11.33kg, diameter 0.41mm, length 700 metres
  • 30lb / 13.6kg, diameter 0.47mm, length 530 metres
  • 40lb / 18.14kg, diameter 0.50mm, length 470 metres

Another great fishing product from INOVA.