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INOVA SLIK XS 1/4lb monofilment fishing line.

INOVA SLIK XS is a premium monofilament that packs a punch with extraordinary knot and line strength.  SLIK XS's low stretch properties provide enhanced hook-sets while being both a soft and supple fishing line with very low memory so it casts like a rocket.  Its UV armour prolongs its high-performance qualities.

Its come in Grey Steel colour and is available in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 18lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb and 40lb weights.

INOVA SLIK XS Specifications:

  • 10lb / 4.53kg, diameter 0.26mm, length 1,750 metres
  • 12lb / 5.44kg, diameter 0.28mm, length 1,500 metres
  • 15lb / 6.8kg, diameter 0.31mm, length 1,036 metres
  • 18lb / 8.16kg, diameter 0.35mm, length 960 metres
  • 20lb / 9.07kg, diameter 0.37mm, length 860 metres
  • 25lb / 11.33kg, diameter 0.41mm, length 700 metres
  • 30lb / 13.6kg, diameter 0.47mm, length 530 metres
  • 40lb / 18.14kg, diameter 0.50mm, length 470 metres

Another great fishing product from INOVA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pretty SLIK price (I know that was cheesy haha)

Awesome line, thanks guys for all your help with the products and advice.

I would highly recommend Lureme to anyone and will be recommending them to all my mates as well.

Johnny A.
10lb / 4.53kg :ok_hand:

Have been using it for a while and love it , sits well with a shock leader nice tight knots that flow through the guides on a cast and retrieval with ease, seems to great on Shelly beaches or habour fishing with oyster shells, I check it every time before going fishing and on casting every now and then , it seems to hold up against the very abrasive places I fish highly recommend it

Mark B.
Slik in the rough

Had the opportunity to use the 18lb Inova Slik line on Sunday in Taranaki. Firstly as a casting line on my Fathom 15 free spool smooth casting line that flows of the spool secondly it stood up to fishing over some rough ground with Snapper up to 4kgs, with no damage to the main line and knotted exceptionally well to the shock leader. Certainly recommend it as a casting and fishing line.

Peter R.
Very good for the price

Very good for the price and very easy to deal withAAA+++++++

Thank you Peter, appreciate it.