10 Reasons to Use Salt-Away for salt removal

10 Reasons to Use Salt Away

  1. Salt-Away is a powerful salt-removing product. 1 liter makes up to 512 liters of remover, stopping salt corrosion and saving money
  2. Salt-Away combo kits flush outboard engines and remove salt from boats, trailers, and fishing or dive gear. They also leave a protective film in your engine
  3. Use 40-60mls for engines up to 90hp and 80-100mls for engines over 90hp.
  4. Salt-Away will remove salt from all wiring and electronic circuit boards, and will leave a protective film to stop costly corrosion.
  5. Salt-Away can be safely sprayed on fish finders and chart plotters to safely remove the salt to stop scratching expensive screens.
  6. Salt-Away should be sprayed on fish bins, filleting tables, boat bilges and smelly hands to stop all fish smells.
  7. Salt-Away should be sprayed on all canopies, clears, carpets and upholstery - even yacht sails to remove the salt and keep them like new.
  8. Salt-Away should be used to soak dive regs, dive computers and dive cameras to keep them like new.
  9. Salt-Away should be used in all saltwater marine toilets to keep them working perfectly and stop them from smelling.
  10. Salt-Away should be used on all trailer brakes (disc/drum) to clean and protect them, i.e. can use up to 20% Salt-Away to water for extra protection.
  11. Salt-Away should be used to protect your tow vehicle as well; wash under the body and don't rinse off, wash the upper body and rinse off.

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      If you wish to buy Salt Away online we stock Salt Away and other salt removal products, such as Salt Attack.

      Our most popular Salt Away product is the Large Starter Kit. 
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