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Akios Surf Rods

High Quality Continental Rods


Akios Fishing Reels

Akios Set New Standards in Reels and Now Surf Rods

Akios is a new and forward thinking company based in the UK, Akios first burst onto the scene in 2010 with a high quality range of casting reels in both overhead and fixed spool.

Now Akios has introduced some of the best surf rods available.  The Akios surf rod range currently consists of five 3 piece, continental style surf casting rods.

There is no doubt about it, if your a serious surf caster then you must see the Akios range, it's built to go the distance.


Akios Hellrazor Surf Rod

The Akios Hellrazor Surf Casting Rod

The Akios Hellrazor surf rod is a significant evolution in rod dynamics, offering outstanding performance at an affordable price.

The Hellrazor is a high quality 14 foot 3 piece continental surfcasting rod, specifically developed for the surfcaster seeking to add extra yardage to their cast, the Akios Hellrazor combines a powerful yet easy to load blank with a high energy carbon power tip.

Even though the Hellrazor is an entry level Akios surf rod it is a serious piece of kit, it simply outclasses many of the surf rods available here in NZ.  

Akios Endurance Pro RS2 Dual Tip Surf Rod

Akios Endurance Pro RS2, a three piece surf rod that comes with dual tips for different fishing applications, a sensitive hybrid tip and a power tip. What more could a surfcaster ask for in a surfcasting rod.

With the sensitive hybrid tip fitted, the rod is capable of delivering delicate baits a very long way with very little effort.

Switch over to the carbon power tip and the rod transforms into an animal, which when pushed hard to access the power reserves in the butt section, is capable of sending baits out over huge distances.

The Endurance Pro RS2, truly inovative and versatile.

Akios Endurance Pro RS2 Surf Rod
Akios Airspeed Surf 435 Continental Surf Rod

Akios Airspeed Surf 435 Continental Surf Rod

Are you a surfcaster looking for a serious surfcasting rod, with the Akios Airspeed Surf 435 distance is no longer an issue.

Designed and developed in close collaboration with two times world champion sea angler, Alan Price, the Akios AirSpeed Surf continental rod is a serious piece of kit for serious surf casters.

Its striking looks will turn the heads of envious fisherman across New Zealand beaches, but more importantly, the phenomenal casting performance will enable you to send baits out further and cover a wider expanse of ground than ever before.

Akios Airtorque 435 Continental Surfcasting Rod

The Akios Airtorque when extra power is needed.

If your a serious surfcaster then you need to check out the Airtorque surfcasting rod, the new Akios AIRTORQUE is set to be a big hit, offering even greater power and greater casting potential than the Airspeed.

The AIRTORQUE, with its higher modulus HMX 43T carbon construction, offers 20% more power through the butt, middle and lower tip section, giving extra power during casting and quicker line pick up giving faster hook penetration.

Akios Airtorque 435 Continental Surfcasting Rod
Akios Airpower 435 RXP Continental Surf Rod

Akios Airpower 435 RXP Continental Surf Rod

Akios Airpower 435 RXP, The Three Piece Beast!

Looking for a powerful surfcasting rod, the Akios Airpower is arguably the most powerful three-piece continental style rod on the market, almost certainly in New Zealand the AKIOS AIRPOWER has been designed with one thing in mind, to offer EXTREME casting capabilities.

With its insanely powerful high modulus HMX46T carbon construction, progressive action and lightning fast recovery, the rod sets new standards for modern three-piece rods.