BaitCloud Toss.  Wait.  Fish.

Ever been fishing, found fish but they just wont bite?

BaitCloud Inline Multi-Species Formula - 3 Pack - LURE ME - Online Fishing Tackle.

BaitCloud Inline Multi-Species Formula - 3 Pack


BaitCloud InLine Multi-Species Formula - 3 Pack The BaitCloud InLine multi-species formula is designed to target a variety of species. The multi-species formula creates an initial disturbance in the water
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BaitCloud Fish Attractant

1. What is BaitCloud?

So what is BaitCloud, BaitCloud is a formulation of fish attractant components designed to activate and draw nearby fish to your location.  Designed to target fish using various sensory methods.

The first sensory method BaitCloud incorporates as fish attractant is via smell by using fish oils, amino acids and other proprietary scents.

Fish are targeted by sound from use of an effervescent bubble action.

Sight is targeted by use of Bio-Glitter as scale reflections, while feel with lateral line awareness to the action plume.

2. How do I use use BaitCloud to attract fish? 

Toss. When you get to the spot you want to fish, grab a tube and toss one of the balls into the water.  That’s when the science behind BaitCloud fish attractant starts to work.

Wait. Once in the water the ingredients combine to produce bubbles, along with a scent and a visual cloud, that’s your trick to target fish in the area into thinking that their dinner is nearby.  The fish will begin to crowd around the column of bubbles, and after a couple of minutes will be ready for you.

Fish. Now it’s up to you. Cast into the area where you dropped or tossed the ball and fish as you normally do.

How do I use BaitCloud
BaitCloud InLine Fish Attractant

3. BaitCloud InLine

We have chosen to stock BaitCloud’s InLine variants which are a standard BaitCloud ball with a hole through the centre.

In addition to the Toss.  Wait.  Fish. method, this also allows the BaitCloud ball to either be directly affixed to your line, or optionally as a “tethered” application attached to a separate line.

This offers various options when it comes to deploying BaitCloud in different situations, toss as normal, tether to a line in a current or simply tethered to a line and suspended at your desired depth.

4. BaitCloud is safe for the enviroment 

No need to worry about the enviroment as BaitCloud is safe. BaitCloud has been formulated with 100% food-grade, natural ingredients to ensure it is not harmful to any aquatic life.

All ingredients are 100% earth-friendly and bio-degradable. The product is designed to sink and dissolve in its delivered ball shape which means there is no package to dissolve in the water or become waste or litter.

Is BaitCloud safe for the enviroment

5. going viral

The big break came for BaitCloud when the company posted a video on Facebook, “Bass Love BaitCloud” demonstrating the product in action.  Within 72 hours the video had gone viral reaching over 20 million people, and since been viewed more than 10 million times!  This generated a surge of consumer buying from around the globe and is now zipping of shelves all around the world.

BaitCloud Triple Pack Deal - LURE ME - Online Fishing Tackle.

BaitCloud Triple Pack Deal

BaitCloud InLine Triple Pack Deal Save big with this triple pack deal. Deal includes 1x tube of three Multi Species, 1x tube of three Predatory formula and 1x tube of
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