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Catch Deluxe Jig Bag - LURE ME - Online Fishing Tackle.
Jig Storage Bag - Catch Fishing Deluxe Jigging Lure Bag

Catch Deluxe Jig Bag

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The Catch Deluxe Jig Bag allows to safely and securely store up to 24 jigs making perfect for the jig fisherman.

Built from heavy duty nylon this deluxe Jig storage bag allows you to firmly store 24 jigs using the included velcro flaps.  It even has an additional self draining pocket for other tackle.

Keep your jigs safely and securely stored when not jig fishing today using the Catch Deluxe Jig lure roll.

Catch Deluxe Jig Tackle Bag features:

  • Made from heavy duty nylon material
  • Holds up to 24 jigs
  • Removable insert that holds 14 jigs up to 20cm
  • Additional self draining pocket for extra tackle
  • Velcro flaps to keep jigs firmly in place

Catch fishing tools, accessories and bags are extensively tested and used by fishing professionals.