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Catch Pocket Rocket Tungsten Micro Jig - Shady Lady

Catch Pocket Rocket Tungsten Micro Jig - Shady Lady

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The Catch Pocket Rocket Tungsten Micro Jig.

Perfect for targeting Snapper, Kahawai, John Dory, Gurnard , Kingfish and many more these tungsten micro jigs are available in 25g, 32g and 45 gram weights.  Avaialble in four colours this is the Shady Lady (Pink) coloured Catch Pocket Rocket. 

There is a simple reason why micro jigs are the size that they are. To allow the angler to work the lure in such a way as to encourage the fish to strike. Tungsten with it’s high atomic mass adds extra weight to a small profile. This means the angler can fish these small jigs through the full water-column, a very effective lure when the bite is slow!

Catch Pocket Rocket features:

  • Heavy tungsten – small profile
  • Great for both shallow and deep water fishing when it’s a tough bite
  • Irresistible action that stimulates aggressive bites
  • Uses the same light weight fishing tackle as you would for soft baiting
  • Lightweight high-strength assist hook and braid

Tungsten is about 1.7 times as dense as lead, which makes Pocket Rockets plummet quickly down the water column.....a valuable trait for fishing jigs designed to be dropped down to fish as quickly as possible. Increased density also means that smaller jigs fish heavier than their lead counterparts, allowing for excellent feel and drop rates even when conditions call for downsizing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John E.
Too light for where I fish

Tried this jig in saltwater but the current was too much for this light jig. Might be ok change of tide.
Will try again in freshwater lake and see what happens.

Bela G.
My go to micro

Great jigs. My absolute go to micro jigs for 20 - 45 meters in the gulf and far north. This would be 5/5 if the graphic coatings and assist rigs had better longevity but for the price they are still good value.

Thank you for the review Bela we appreciate it.