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  • Salt Attack Marine Washcoat and Shine - LURE ME - Online Fishing Tackle.
  • Salt Attack Marine Washcoat and Shine - LURE ME - Online Fishing Tackle.
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Salt Attack

Salt Attack Marine Washcoat and Shine

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Salt Attack's Marine Washcoat and Shine is a powerful wash that removes salt buildup and fortifies your acrylionic protective coating while increasing the shine.  Protects and delays the speed of damage caused by UV.

  • Powerful wash, removes salt build up
  • Cleans glass and clears, the more you wash the more it shines
  • Acrylionic protection, more you wash the more it shines
  • Cleans, shines, protects alloy and stainless steel

Ideally used with a mixer, such as the one that comes with either Salt Attack Marine Washcoat & Shine or Salt Away starter kits.

Directions if using the mixer, fill mixer cup with Marine Washcoat and Shine concentrate.  Using the mixer on the 'pre-rinse' setting, with straight water, spray down all areas until wet.  Now change the mixer to 'Salt Attack' setting and spray wash coat over all areas until wet.  Using a soft brush wash down any areas that have blood or dirt, before product has dried change the mixer setting to 'rinse' and rinse all areas that have been coated with Salt Attack Marine Washcoat & Shine.

If mixing using a bucket add 125 - 150 mls per 4 - 6 litres of water.

Note after drying the protective coating will cure in approximately two hours.


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