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  • Sunline Castest 3 - 16 Tapered  Leaders
  • Sunline Tapered Leader
  • Sunline Castest Tapered Leader
  • Sunline Castest 4 - 12 Tapered Leaders
  • Sunline Castest 5 - 12 Tapered Leaders
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Sunline Castest Tapered Leaders

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Sunline Tapered leaders are the easiest solution for adding a shock leader to your surfcasting line.  When joining to your main line it is best to knot the same diameter lines for best knot strength.

There are several different diameter options with Sunline tapered leaders, but if the leader is a bit thin to match your main line, just come up the gradual taper until you find the ideal diameter and trim the leader at that point.

Most nylon will absorb water through microscopic pores in the surface of the line, when the line dries the salt is left in the line creating a milky look, this results in hardening of the line and gives it a rough texture.  Sunline products are manufactured using a water repellent resin processing which produces a stronger, smoother, longer lasting fishing line.

Sunline Catstest Specifications:

  • Line #3<16, 0.28mm to 0.66mm (12lb to 70lb)
  • Line #4<12, 0.33mm to 0.57mm (16lb to 50lb)
  • Line #5<12, 0.37mm to 0.57mm (20lb to 50lb)
  • Each spool has 5 x leaders, 15 meters in length

Sunline Monofilament is a very high quality product, made in Japan.

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