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Trolling E-Lure - Oil Can

Trolling E-Lure - Oil Can

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Pro Troll's trolling E-Lures are 3 inch's long, the special curved shape of the lure makes them shake and spin aggressively. They are excellent fish catchers and each one comes fully rigged.
  • Slow Speed Bend Allows Action Down to 1mph
  • Perma Deposition Chroming with UV Overcoat
  • EChip Electronic Attraction Built In
  • Darting Action Fish Can't Resist
  • Rigged with 36 inches of 20 lb leader
  • 100lb Bead Chain Swivel
  • Size 3/0 Stainless Hook

They also feature built in ECHIP Electronic Bait Technology to help trigger strike after strike.

To achieve the best action from these trolling e-lures, they should be trolled between 2 and 3 mph.  However with their special curve you can troll as slow as 1 mph and they will still shake with good action

What is EChip Electronic Bait Technology
The ECHIP is the small metal tube located on the back of the lure. As the lure wiggles a small ball inside the tube agitates the ECHIP crystal. This Creates nerve pulses which are discharged into the water which trigger the attack by predators.

See our blog post "What is EChip technology and how does it work?" to learn more about ECHIP.

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Customer Reviews

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Colin D.
Really does catch fish.

On its first time in water I had a birds nest in my lead line.
Had to cut the line then the captain got one on and as I was hand pulling the cut off in I hocked up on a nice 3kg brown. The E-Lure went on the catch 3 more good trout in 3hr.