Kilwell Rig Winder Foam Trace Storage Solutions

Looking for trace storage solutions?

We have been stocking INOVA Rig Rapper Box Set Fishing Rig Storage Solution, and the 10 pack of INOVA Rig Rappers for several years now.  They are one of the best fishing trace, rig storage ideas we have seen.

How to tify up your tackle box with Inova Rig Rappers

Kilwell Rig Winders

Now in addition to INOVA Rig Rappers, we also stock Kilwell Rig winders.  Like INOVA Rig Rappers, they make excellent fishing rig storage solutions and are available in 24 packs, and 10 packs:

Whichever your preference, one thing is for sure they are all excellent trace storage options, perfect for storing flasher rigs, drone traces, surfcasting rigs, or just to tidy up your tackle box .

4 Trace storage options:

  1. INOVA Rig Rapper 24 Box Set
  2. INOVA Rig Rappers 10 Pack
  3. Kilwell Rig Winders 24 Box Set
  4. Kilwell Rig Winders 10 Pack
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