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INOVA Rig Rappers Foam Rig Winder Trace Storage Solution

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$9.95 NZD

Fantastic fishing rig storage solution.

INOVA Rig rappers are foam winders used for storing your fishing traces, they make an excellent fishing rig storage solution and are especially handy for reducing tangles on multi hook rigs.

Can be used for any fishing rigs both boat or beach for reducing tangles and keeping your tackle box neat and tidy. Different colours allows you to colour code different rigs.

Tidy up that fishing tackle box, stop tangling up or throwing away those traces and keep your options neat and tidy ready for action.

Each Rig Rapper is 60 x 15mm in size, with 10 rappers to a box. Also included are labels and pins (for those want to pin the rig down).

Also available is the "Rig Rapper Box" which contains 24 Rig Rappers and a purpose made storage box.

INOVA Rig Rappers – the perfect solution for storing rigs.

It's simple with INOVA.

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