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INOVA Rig Rapper Box Set Fishing Rig Storage Solution

INOVA Rig Rapper Box Set Fishing Rig Storage Solution

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Wondering how to store your pre-tied fishing rigs?

The INOVA Rig Rapper Box set includes a purpose-made storage tackle box and 24 foam fishing rig storage holders.  The Rig Rapper Box is made from strong, lightweight solid plastic and stores 24 included foam Rig Rappers.

Don't be tempted to throw away those traces, INOVA Rig Rappers are perfect for tidying up the fishing tackle box and keeping your rigs and traces at hand and ready for that fishing action.

Rig rappers are foam winders used for storing your fishing traces.  They have a 5mm slot to drop swivels into as a guide to start winding the rig.  They can be secured at the end, then labeled with the included 24 pins and stickers, making a compact and tidy rig storage system.  Can be used for any fishing rig, both boat or beach, to reduce tangles and to keep your pre-tied rigs sorted. Different colours allows you to colour code different rigs.

Each Rig Rapper is 60 x 15mm in size.  Rig Rappers are also available seperately as a ten pack of Rig Rappers.  The Rig Rapper box is 27cm x 21cm x 8cm.

INOVA Rig Rappers – the perfect solution for storing rigs.  It's simple with INOVA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Piri W. (Wellington, NZ)

Absolutely love it.. keeps my bag tidy not and everything is easier to access.

Gordon R. (Auckland, NZ)

INOVA Rig Rapper Box Set Fishing Rig Storage Solution

Wayne F. (Whanganui, NZ)

INOVA Rig Rapper Box Set Fishing Rig Storage Solution

TamGrills (Whangarei, NZ)
INOVA Rig Rapper Box Set Fishing Rig Storage Solution

This is a great system,

I would normally store my backbones and traces in glad bags, this system allows me to store them neatly and uniformed based on the length of my traces and backbones.

Darryl O. (Auckland, NZ)
Rapper ting.

Great unit to carry fishing, only thing you end up with so many rigs you don’t know which one to use,so you end up buying another rod & reel to use the rigs to make more room for more, cheers Dion the luremann.great product.💯💯👻👻👻

Bill M. (Mangawhai, NZ)

They work really well and keep everything tidy.
If there was a bit more space in the case for lures then it would be perfect